"> Pipe and Drape techniques explained

Pipe and Drape systems are some of the best ways to easily and quickly setup temporary drape walls, trade show stands, backdrops, photo backdrops plus much more. Pipe and drape systems feature either 1.5″ or 2″ diameter aluminum pipe as well as the crossbars are often 1.5″.

The main difference between 2″ and 1.5″ pipe will be the stability and durability. We find that 2″ pipe happens to be the simplest for rental companies, decorators, as well as other pros who conceive to use the pipe typically and transport it to various locations.

There are a couple of forms of pipe and drape systems: Slip-Fit and Screw-In. The screw in pipe and drape elements are an older style and feature uprights whose ends are threaded. When they may be coupled to the bases, they screw in. This sysem isn’t typically utilised as a result propensity for your ends to acquire stripped and damaged.

The Slip-Fit pipe and drape technique will be the a lot more typical technique used by event companies, wedding decorators, colleges, banquet halls and much more. They function by making use of metal pins that screw onto the base and so the upright pipes just slip onto the pin. This style of pipe and drape technique has the advantage of becoming tough and it’s amazingly quickly to place up your backdrop, drape wall or conference booth when working with this technique. You will find 4 standard parts of a pipe and drape technique: the uprights, the bases, the crossbars as well as the drape. Most pipe and drape manufacturers are totally interchangable as well as the crossbars (drape rods) are made to work with any upright. Nevertheless, not all uprights are created to work with all bases. The issue is that the 1.5″ diameter upright pipes are not compatible with all the 2″ diameter upright pipes. The pins that they slide onto should be perfectly matched towards the uprights so that they use a snug fit and never wobble.

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